Indigo Domotics’ Indigo software

Referral -> $15 First Time Indigo Domotics Customer Rebate Award

To claim rebate, just read through these simple rules then fill out the form below:

Offer valid only on new Indigo customers (you can’t be an existing customer).
Offer valid only for a new customer’s first purchase. In the case of multiple quantities only one purchase qualifies.
Only one person can refer another customer (multiple people can’t refer the same customer).
An award can only be claimed once the person being referred has purchased an Indigo license.
An award will only be processed if claimed within 30 days of your purchase.
Remember – you must have purchased and registered Indigo in the past 30 days using the email you provide below. If the purchase was made through either of the Indigo stores, registration happened automatically at the time of purchase. If they purchased through one of our resellers, then they must have registered Indigo at install time or later using the Go->Register Indigo menu item.

Rebate Form

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