Smart Home hosts information on how to successfully setup, maintain, integrate and better secure: integrated Smart Home appliances and utilities.

At our core we use Indigo Domotics’ Indigo software running on Apple Macintosh Mini Hardware.

Before integrating Alexa into our Smart Home installation(s) we relied on customizing Indigo software control pages (which are basically web pages that control and reveal ramp status of smart home appliances), now much of our focus is on how to integrate with voice activated intelligent assistants… like Alexa.

Amazon Echo: Alexa
Apple iPad
Apple iPhone
Apple Macintosh
Apple TV
MyQ Garage
Nest Thermostat, Protect
Ooma VoIP
Panasonic Smart TV
Philips HUE
Samsung Smart TV
SONOS Speaker
Sony Bravia
Web Camera
WiFi – Router

Automated, compatible with Alexa, convenient, mobile accessible, secure/insecure!?!, energy efficient, fun, entertaining, Jetson’s – like, the future, The Internet of Things.


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